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Making a referral

Oh Occupational Health and Wellbeing provide a range of referral services to support staff and managers.

Management referrals

Occupational Health and Wellbeing can help support managers in helping employees stay well at work. Including:

  • management referrals regarding sickness absence
  • management referrals regarding health conditions and advisement
  • advising on phased return to work programmes
  • advice on workstation assessment and work modifications
  • advice on counselling
  • advice on re-deployment and ill-health retirement

Managers can refer their direct reports using a management referral form that is submitted to HR. Please note all Management referrals forms must be submitted to HR Consult in the first instance.

Management Referral Form (CUH Connect) (opens in a new tab)

Oh Patient initiated follow up – appointment request form (CUH Connect) (opens in a new tab)

Case conference and additional information request form (CUH Connect) (opens in a new tab)

(Please note you will need to login to via your NHS.net account to access CUH Connect.)


If staff are experiencing difficulties impacting their health at work, they can self-refer for advice, but a self-referral does not result in a written report to an individual’s supervisor department.

If written recommendations from Oh are required a management referral should be completed instead. This will be advised by Oh is needed.

To arrange an appointment the relevant form should be completed and sent confidentially to Occupational Health.

On receipt of the completed self-referral form the earliest available appointment will be sent to the employee and if inconvenient changed to a suitable alternative.

OH Physio self-referral form (CUH Connect) (opens in a new tab)

Covid risk assessment referrals

Managers should discuss any concerns regarding Covid Risk Assessment in the first instance with the individual and agree any adjustments that may be required.

If further support or advice is needed, the Covid Risk Assessment Referral Form can be completed by managers.

This is for individuals who have ongoing health related concerns where further medical advice is required and this has not yet been provided by Oh.

This is also for individuals that have had a change in medical circumstances or medication that has occurred since their last guidance from Oh.

Covid risk assessment referral form (CUH Connect) (opens in a new tab)

The referral form must be sent via email to the Oh helpline.