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Occupational health services

The health and wellbeing of staff is essential for any organisation. We ensure the protection of all staff by checking and administering necessary immunisations, carrying out health surveillance and conducting pre-employment and occupational health checks.

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Adapting a work environment to improve Health and Wellbeing is necessary within all work places.

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We can provide advice, guidance and assessment of work and health factors to support staff. We can make recommendations on ways to improve and/or adapt work practices or equipment to promote staff wellbeing.

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Health surveillance

Health surveillance is a method of systematically detecting early signs of work-related ill health in employees that could be related to workplace exposure and acting on the results.

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Immunisation and Screening is highly important. Depending on your occupation and where you work within the trust you may need extra immunisations on top of the national recognised immunisation schedule.


Sharps injuries and splashes

Clinical sharps injuries and splashes with blood or blood stained body fluids procedure to be followed.

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Outbreak management

A disease outbreak in a lab or hospital could have a catastrophic impact on the organisation if unmanaged, putting staff and patient safety at risk. We are here to help manage the situation, offering support and guidance to staff.

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Pre-employment screening

Staff must receive a pre-appointment health check, which adheres to equal opportunities legislation and good occupational health practice.

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Returning to work

Returning to work can be a difficult and frustrating process for staff, but we can help. Our professional services ensures a smooth and suitable progression back to work.

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Workplace adjustment service

Our ambition through providing workplace adjustments is to ensure that everyone working at CUH has the right support in place to enable them to do their job well.