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Immunisation and Screening is highly important. Depending on your occupation and where you work within the trust you may need extra immunisations on top of the national recognised immunisation schedule.

The list to the right displays some of the immunisations we provide to staff.

Visit Merlin to read the CUH staff immunisation and infection screening guidance.

Seasonal booster vaccines (Flu and Covid-19)

Health or social care workers, are more likely to be exposed to the flu and Covid-19 viruses, which can be life threatening.

Health or social care workers also care for people who may be at greater risk and it’s easy to pass these viruses on without knowing.

Having a Covid-19 autumn booster and flu vaccine each winter will help health or social care workers to protect their family and friends from potentially serious illness, as well as the patients they care for.

Health or social care workers may have had previous doses of the Flu and Covid-19 vaccine and may also have had Flu and Covid-19, but immunity fades with time and the autumn booster dose will give you the best protection for the winter.

If you have not had your earlier primary doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, it’s not too late to come forward and you can get these at any time.