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Flu Vaccinations: Doctor Flu

You are Doctor Flu! Help us exterminate flu this winter!



The single biggest thing you can do to protect our patients, yourself and your family from flu is to be vaccinated.

We are running a number of free flu vaccination drop-in clinics for CUH staff from 5th October to 13th November. Please note:This year there will be some changes in the approach of the flu vaccination programme to protect staff and patients from Corona Virus. This has meant the need to adjust the way our clinics are run to ensuring staff can safely access the vaccine.

Our CUH Flu clinics will open on the 5th October 2020 


CUH Staff drop-in flu clinics will be running on the following dates: 

Clinics available Monday to Friday 7am-6pm.

ATC: 5th October until 30th October.

Deakin Centre Atrium: 5th October until 13th November.

Limited access to clinics after these dates.

– get in quick, don’t miss out!


Request a visit from the Doctor Flu team

Managers can request a visit from the Doctor Flu team – we know staff are extremely busy and some people are not able to visit the flu vaccination stand in the Concourse. To make sure you’re protected, you can book a flu vaccinator to come to your ward, or department email: fluvac@addenbrookes.nhs.uk. Please note that priority will be given to high risk areas and departments with more than 30 staff. Alternatively, please contact a local vaccinator.

Local Vaccinator List 2020


Regular chances to win vouchers!

This year there will be prize draws for All4One vouchers, which will start the week commencing 5th October. Also, the last two weeks of the scheduled drop in clinics, we will draw a name from the staff group with the highest percentage of vaccinated staff to win a prize.

There will also be a little bit of friendly competition to see which staff group gets the highest percentage of vaccinations! Let battle commence!

We have a target of vaccinating 90% of our staff to help exterminate flu this winter. If you get your flu vaccination at your GP surgery, please tell us so that we can update your medical file – please email the OH team with the following form:Declaration of receipt of 2020-21 seasonal Influenza vaccine.


Mythbusting with Doctor Flu

Remember, the vaccine does not give you the flu. It is a completely inactivated vaccine and doesn’t contain a live virus. If you have concerns or queries please see our mythbusting and FAQs page or speak to a member of the occupational health team.

The flu vaccine is the best protection we have against an unpredictable virus which can cause serious illness and death – in 2019 the Australian National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System reported 300 deaths associated with flu.

Remember these flu top tips:

  • Reduce the spread of flu by regularly washing your hands. You can pass flu on without having any symptoms, so wash your hands regularly.
  • If you have flu, please stay away from work until you are better. The virus is highly infectious and outbreaks can happen quickly.

If you’ve any questions, get in touch with the OH team: 01223 216767.

Over 65 years old?

This year we are able to offer the flu vaccine to staff aged 65 years and over in our drop-in clinics, but not via local vaccinators. Flu vaccines will be available on  5th October. You can also receive the vaccine at your GP surgery or pharmacy – but please let us know if you receive the vaccine elsewhere.

Under 18 years old?

CUH staff aged 16 and 17 can now get the flu vaccine at the drop-in clinics.

Consent forms and other documents

To download and complete your consent form ahead of time see the Doctor Flu connect pages where information sheets and all forms are available to download. 


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