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Pilates classes

14 Oct 2019

6:10 pm -7:00 pm

Classes will be running on Mondays at 18:10 (50 minute session).

The instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists who have been specifically trained to teach Pilates. They will provide a class that aims to strengthen and balance your body enabling you to move with ease through everyday life. The pace of movement is slow and controlled which allows time for awareness of alignment and precision, bringing mind and body together to move as one.

Booking can be done in advance by email, costing £32 for a block of 5 classes (you pay for 4 and get 1 free).

Date Start time End time Location
October 14, 2019 6:10 pm 7:00 pm Outpatient Physiotherapy Department Level 2

To find out more and to book email the Outpatient physiotherapy department by clicking here.

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